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Live Scribing


Live Scribing is a combination of thinking on your feet whilst drawing with your hand and getting to the heart of what a speaker is trying to communicate. At its simplest it’s a tool that captures and documents the essence of a spoken text and bottles it in a series of memorable images that can be easily saved and distributed for further use.

Whatever the context, an audience at a conference or a discussion group, live scribing uses humour and metaphor to underscore, complement or emphasise a speaker’s content. It can tease out new connnections, illuminate the complex or simply make a joke. An image can sometimes go places the word can’t reach and for organisations often dealing in abstract ideas and concepts, this can be a salvation.

In almost every instance that Vidoons has live scribed, our clients have wanted to keep our drawings.
Vidoons’ artist Patrick Blower has produced live scribing for some of the UK’s most prominent organisations; EE, Virgin Atlantic and BBC Newsnight.