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explainer-video-ukIn What format will my VIDOONS be delivered?

You can choose a format for your standalone VIDOONS. The options are WMV, Flash or MOV, the standard size is 640 x 360 pixels. All VIDOONS are created in widescreen (16×9) format.

Unless otherwise agreed, VIDOONS for PowerPoint are delivered in PowerPoint friendly format; WMV, 640×360 pixels (widescreen 16×9). Audio is not usually included in the PowerPoint version, as this can be distracting to your audience.

What Video Format is Best for PowerPoint on a Mac?

If you are using PowerPoint on a Mac, we recommend using MOV format rather than WMV – please let us know if you require MOV versions.

How do I add VIDOONS to a PowerPoint presentation using Microsoft PowerPoint 2007?

For best results we recommend that your PowerPoint should be set up in widescreen format. To do this, select the Design tab, then Page Setup (top left). Select On-Screen Show (16:9) from the drop down box.

Before you start, you should copy all the video files to the same folder in which you’ve created your PowerPoint presentation. This is because PowerPoint links to your videos, it does not embed them. So if you move your presentation, or send it to someone, you must include the video files and let PowerPoint know where the files are. Keeping everything together in the same folder is therefore very important.

To add the video clip, click on the Insert Media Clip icon in a blank slide (this is the icon that looks like a reel of film). Navigate to the video clip you wish to insert.

How Can I Control How the Video Plays in PowerPoint?

Use the Movie Tools options to control how the video appears.

We recommend not ticking the Loop Until Stopped and Rewind Movie After Playing boxes (by default these are un-ticked, so they can be left as they are). This will allow your video to rest on the final frame, rather than playing over and over which may be distracting to your audience.

The Movie Tools options allows you to choose other options such as whether you want the video to play automatically, or only when you click on it. We suggest you experiment with these settings to find out works best for you and what best suits your presentation style.

What Video Format is Best for Video in Prezi?

Prezi works best with video in Flash format. The Prezi website says that other formats are supported, but we’ve found that Flash is the most reliable. This is what Prezi says about inserting video:

“You can insert the following video file formats to Prezi (online editor and PreziDesktop); FLV, F4V, AVI, MOV, WMV, F4V, MPG, MPEG, MP4, M4V, 3GP

“Prezi has a built-in, standalone video player for these video formats. After uploading a video, you can control the playback using a navigation bar when presenting manually. You can add videos directly to the path. In this case, videos will start automatically as you reach them in your presentation, and will stop as you move along on the path.

“How to insert video into Prezi.

1.Click Insert/Load file in the editor, or simply hit the ‘L’ keyboard shortcut.
2.Choose a video file from your computer
3.Insert the file into prezi, just as you insert any image file. Once the video is selected in Write mode, you can use the Zebra tool to arrange it or simply drag and move with your mouse”.

How do I Print Handouts in PowerPoint?

You can print your VIDOONS presentation in the form of handouts — with one, two, three, four, six, or nine slides on a page — that your audience can use for future reference.

A slide handout that has three slides per page and includes room for audience notes

The three-slides-per-page handout includes lined space for note-taking by the audience.

Print preview allows you to select a type of layout for your handout and to see exactly what the printed version will look like. You can also apply, preview, and edit headers and footers, such as page numbers. Layout options include landscape or portrait orientation. In the one-slide-per-page layout, you can apply headers and footers to the handout only and not the slides, if you don’t want header and footer text, date, or slide numbers appearing on the slides.

If you want to change the look, position, and size of the header and footer text, date, or page number on your handouts, make the changes to the handout master. To include a name or logo that should appear on every page of the handout, add it to the master. Changes you make to the handout master also appear when you print an outline.

How Can I Change the Look of My VIDOONS PowerPoint Handouts?

If you want to further customize the look of your handouts, you can send the content of your presentation to Microsoft Office Word to do additional formatting:
On the File menu, click Send To and then click Send to Microsoft Office Word.

Open the presentation that you want to print.
On the File menu, click Print Preview.
To choose the page orientation, click Portrait Button image or Landscape on the toolbar.
To set headers and footers, click the arrow on the Options button, and then click Header and Footer Button image.
On the Print Preview toolbar, in the Print What box, click the Handout layout option you want.
On the Print Preview toolbar, click Print Button image.

Note   If you want to print handouts in colour, on the File menu, click Print Preview. Then on the View menu, point to Color/Grayscale, and then click Colour. You must select a colour printer as your default printer to do this.

More FAQs coming soon.

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