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Great Animated Explainer Videos

When environmental group FERN wanted to explain complex issues to global audiences, they decided our animated explainer videos were the answer. Video by kind permission of FERN

At VIDOONS we’ve produced great animated explainer videos for some of the World’s biggest organisations and brands and also for many small businesses, NGOs and charities.

VIDOONS in action in a village school in Gabon, West Africa

The challenge with the story of REDD was to explain complex issues surrounding carbon credits and rainforest governance. Using black and white digital cartoons which draw themselves before your eyes, this explainer video has been used in presentations in both South American and African countries as well as being shown before ministers and MPs in the UK Parliament.

Here's some recent feedback;

"I teach undergraduates at the University of Colorado. These materials [stories of REDD and FLEGT] are really great for teaching. It basically takes what I would explain over the course of an hour and makes it simple and interesting. They are great for incorporating into lectures."