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VIDOONS produce explainer animations which combine old school cartooning skills with the latest digital wizardry to produce cartoons that draw themselves as you watch them. As well as creating animations that can be inserted into your next PowerPoint, the company also produces self contained video versions, with music and voice over, that can be shown at the start of a presentation, or sit on a company’s website, YouTube channel or Facebook page. VIDOONS are the brainchild of Patrick Blower, a cartoonist who has drawn for numerous British newspapers including; The Daily Telegraph, The Guardian, and the London Evening Standard, and former BBC journalist and film maker Graham Majin. We produce highly effective graphic facilitation and explainer animations.

TED launched their TED ED platform in 2012 with a dozen animations. VIDOONS were delighted to be one of the chosen providers.
Our Singapore-based American client working for a German company making a presentation in Dubai about China. How’s that for globalism!
A Private-Equity company based in Nairobi asked VIDOONS to make an explainer video outlining the features of their new IT system.
Pearson Education in the USA asked us to produce an explainer video to explain networks to high school students.
Fun and playful; a series of animated cartoons for the family classical music concerts at the Royal Festival Hall.
Hand drawn white board animations for Virgin Atlantic's marketing conference used to introduce keynote speakers.
A Swiss local authority approached VIDOONS to produce a public information animation to mark their 200th anniversary.
Environmental group FERN wanted to explain complex issues to global audiences. Our animated explainer videos were the answer.
One of the UK’s leading regional business events wanted something fresh and different to promote their event.