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Animated explainer videos – Hand drawn explainer animations – Live Scribing – Graphic Facilitation


VIDOONS create unique, memorable animations, explainer videos and business presentations. We create hand drawn cartoon animations which bring your messages to life and explain what you do.

Businesses around the world use our video animations on their websites and YouTube channels. There isn’t a word for this product, so we’ve invented one; VIDOONS!

Our cartoon animations can be used to communicate any message, idea or story. Our production process is easy and affordable and we publish our prices so you can see exactly what you get and exactly how much it will cost.


The VIDOONS magic consists of using humour to engage audiences, identifying the problem and showing the pain point! Lots of great images that explain, transcend language and have a global reach. That's the secret of a great explainer video.

Our clients use VIDOONS explainer videos to make their websites more dynamic and reduce the dreaded "bounce"! Some of our clients tell us their conversion rates have increased by up to 150% after putting a VIDOON explainer video on their website.

Our animations are also used at presentations, public events, conferences and trade shows.


VIDOONS have a global reach. Our animated presentations have been shown to government ministers in UK and Europe, business board rooms in every continent, as well as to communities in Africa and native American conferences.

Animations are one of the most powerful forms of online content. If you’re not sharing video, but your competitors are, then they have a persuasion tool you don’t.

We also provide graphic facilitation, or "scribing" at live events and conferences. Our live drawing engages audiences and makes your event memorable.